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How Gym Nomad Works

Your personal step by step guide

Here's the low-down
1. Visiting?
2. Search Locally
3. Dates & Prices
4. Click To Book
5. Get Your Code
6. Get Training

Visiting Amsterdam or Madeira?

Perfect. Gym Nomad is made for travellers and we're currently live in these two cities (we're working on more). So pack your gear and get ready to train.

Find the closest or type of gym you need.

Whether you're a bodybuilder, a crossfitter, a yogi, a martial artist, a runner or outdoor workout kind of person, we've got you covered. Enter your location and Wally (or Waldo) will find you and tell you how far the gym is.

Filter by type and add dates.

Show us your dates and we'll show you the prices. We made Gym Nomad to get rid of the wretched day-pass. The fully flexible prices from our partner gyms get cheaper per day, the longer you book. Book 1-day, or perhaps 17 or 43... It's your trip.

Book online in seconds

Check out gym specific details then hit the big green button. Stripe handles the payment, we handle the booking confirmation. A couple of clicks and you're there. No wasting time and no sales pitch at the gym.

Booking Confirmed, get your shoes on!

The carrier pigeons will then deliver your special 4-digit code to your screen, and to your inbox. You can also download a QR Code that the gym can scan to verify you. This is faster, so click download or take a screenshot of your phone to take with you. This code and your foreign ID will be all you need to get in.

What are you waiting for?

Now it's up to you to handle the workout! Take your code into the gym (along with your identification showing that you're not from around these parts), then get verified and get training!

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