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Inner Alchemy is an esoteric practice aiming to transform any ordinary states or energies into superior energies or states of consciousness. Through yoga, tantra, meditation or therapy you learn more about who you are and how you can create the life you wish to live. On offer at The Universe of Inner Alchemy is regular yoga lessons and other private massage and services.

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    Weekly yoga lessons are available through memberships purchased via Gym Nomad. These yoga lessons are a mix of hatha yoga, spiritual guidance, and meditation. Each class lasts 2 hours and consists of 90 min practice of different exercises and 30 min theory about energy, vibration, the importance of attention in the yoga practice, relaxation and secrets of the mind. Additional services at The Universe of Inner Alchemy: Pain-free with infrared light | 15 euros – 30 min Renew your Mind | 30 euros – 1 hour Full body relaxation massage | 40 euros – 1 hour Gestalt therapy | 40 euros – 1 hour Madeira Joyful detox | 50 euros – 1 hour Infrared & Massage | 50 euros – 1 hour Ritual of deep purification | 70 euros – 90 min Ritual of the senses | 70 euros – 90 min Couple therapy | 100 euros – 90 min Tantra massage | 150 euros – 2 hours Sexual therapy | 200 euros – 2-3 hours

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    Bookings are not mandatory to classes, nor can be guaranteed, however, please arrive early to confirm a spot in the class.

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    Schedules are only intermittently updated. Please check links for latest info.

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    No lockers are available, however, a room is available to leave belongings during classes.

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    Gym address coordinates: 32.648395, -16.908657

    Located opposite the Episcopal Se Cathedral on Rue do Aljube, the studio is located to the left of Hotel Cathedral. To the left of the hotel is a doorway with a glass door. Proceed through the door to the second level and look for doorway C. The stairway can get dark so turn on the lights on the way in.

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