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Krav Maga close combat self-defence is growing in popularity, especially in Madeira. Classes here attract a wide range of users and classes can consistently include 20 or 30 students of different skill levels and age groups. Krav Maga Madeira is held in a simple studio by very skilled trainers and a very welcoming group. Training comprises of hand to hand combat in addition to weapon self-defence and submissions. Classes mix cardio exercises in addition to skills and drills.

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    Krav Maga means "close combat" in Hebrew and is considered the most effective personal defence system in the world. Developed initially for the Israeli army, this system was later adapted to civil society with tremendous success and results, as proven by the growing number of practitioners around the world. The Krav Maga is based on simplicity, speed, and effectiveness and is composed of two distinct but complementary areas: personal defence and close combat, which is a more advanced phase of the practitioner's training and evolution.

    Class Info

    Class bookings are not required nor can places be guaranteed, however, please ensure you arrive early to validate your membership and get ready for the class.


    No lockers are available, however, there are designated areas to leave belongings during classes.

    Need some directions?

    Gym address coordinates: 32.634389, -16.943177

    Krav Maga Madeira is located within Madeira Magic. After entering Madeira Magic, simply tell the reception that you are there for the krav maga class and then proceed down the ramp behind the reception one level. Go through the doors to the large classroom to the far side of the room and there you will see the entrance to the krav maga class. Enjoy!

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    We know you're no newbie to using a gym, but we have some General Club Rules as a guideline for behaviour.

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