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Capoeira is the Brazilian art of painting with the body, the sensations of life. Therefore it is incorporated in every gesture, attitude, smile, fulfillment. Capoeira is the melody of the movements in dance with the sounds and the joys of life. Capoeira is to be in harmony with one's self and with the World! The Ginga Capoeira Foundation was created by C.Mestre Júnior Chorão, in Braga (2007). Before that, he arrived in Madeira Island through the 1st Grad. of Professor Corvo (November of 2006), designated at the time only by "Capoeira Madeira". Join the highly skilled and very welcoming group of capoeira lovers in Madeira for a truly local and in-depth experience.

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    Capoeira classes are held each week in this location as well as Funchal, Machico, and Camara De Lobos. A membership with Capoeira Madeira provides access to all these locations to enjoy the graceful classes 5 days per week.


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    Gym address coordinates: 32.665959, -17.032435

    Classes are held at the Associação Desportiva De Campanário.

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