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Ashrama Do Rato is a non-profit yoga studio in the Rato district of Lisbon which holds up to 9 classes per day, and open 6 days per week. All instructors are trained by the Portuguese Yoga Confederation under the guidance of H. H. Amrta Súryánanda Mahá Raja, and are attentive and welcoming for your next visit.

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    Mahá Sádhaná (Great Practice) embraces all Fourteen Yoga Technical Disciplines - done in one Class, 14 steps or Anga, developing Human Being in all facets: Dhyána (Samyama) / Samádhi - Meditation / Enlightenment, by controlling the frequency of mental waves; Pránáyáma ​​- Respiratory exercises of energetic and neuro-vegetative influence; Asana - Psychobiophysical positions; Yoganidrá - Techniques of physical, emotional and mental relaxation; Kriyá - Toning and Organic Cleansing; Mantra - Mastery of sounds, vibration and Harmony / Kirtana - Extroversive sounds; Jápa Tala - Concentrated cadence sounds; Jápa Shesha - Continuous Lifting Sounds; Bandha - Muscle and neuroendocrine dynamizations; Yantra - Concentrating symbols of psychosomatic effect; Pújá - Energetic retribution; Mudra - Reflexological and energetic hand gestures; Nyása - Energetic Touch and Psychic Projection (Káma Mana / Vijñána - from the source Hiranya Garbha). Mánasika - Mentalisation, strengthening of will and projection of consciousness. Which are sorted in a wise and reserved manner.

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    Gym address coordinates: 38.720433, -9.154398

    You will find the entrance to Ashrama Do Rato on the ground floor / street level.

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