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The Gym

Just a couple of streets away from the Heineken Experience, save your €18 and your disappointment and head to Ready 2 Rumble instead. Kickboxing bag training and Cross-Power (CrossFit style workouts) are the specialties. Ready 2 Rumble is only open for small group classes (no free training outside class times) which mix high-intensity workouts with guidance from motivated trainers to get the most out of you.

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    Ready 2 Rumble is a fitness gym that is available for classes, however, does not make times available for training outside class times. The Cross-Power (CrossFit style) classes are not the traditional classes with heavyweights, difficult movements, bare chests and egos. Rather a simplified version that is equally challenging and open to a wider variety of fitness and experience levels.Kickboxing and boxing classes are conditioning and fitness primarily focused classes based on bag training. Gloves are available to borrow for classes, however, it is recommended that you bring wraps as these are not available at the gym.Yoga Skills is a focused session concentrating on yoga basics, free from the array of scented candles and overbearing decorations.

    Class Info

    Bookings are necessary to confirm your spot in a Ready 2 Rumble class. Check the available spots in a class with the link below in the Classes section (our schedule feed isn't a live feed). If your class has free spots, be quick and purchase your membership through Gym Nomad and then we'll send you details on how to book your class.

    Class Schedule

    Schedules are only intermittently updated. Please check links for latest info.

    Schedule Link

    No lockers are available, however, areas are free to leave belongings during training.

    Need some directions?

    Gym address coordinates: 52.356735, 4.889381

    A little harder to find because it's on the third floor. Look for a red door which is also the entry to a child care centre. To the left of the door is a grey intercom that will call upstairs so you can be let in. Once through the door, the stairs to the top are on your right (head to the top), or a lift if you're feeling lazy. We say take the stairs.

    Important Rules:

    We know you're no newbie to using a gym, but we have some General Club Rules as a guideline for behaviour.

    Please, no shoes in the class training area. However, for the Cross-Power classes if you need to wear shoes, make sure they are not shoes worn outside and are clean indoor training shoes.

    I agree and confirm to bring valid (visitor) ID.

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