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From the passion for sports and the wish to fight public physical inactivity brought Flow-Motion to life. The training that will help improve your running technique, run better times and maintain the fun of group work. It’s Flow-Motion's goal to make people fitter, healthier and feeling good through physical activity. Founder and trainer knowledge from extensive courses to improve running technique, strength and overall health are just some of the elements in which Flow-Motion can help its members. Mix that with a great bunch of people to meet and run with and you have some powerful training ahead.

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    The training never stops (rain or shine). What can you expect? 1. We always start with a warm-up - A little bit of jogging and some dynamic stretching. Why dynamic (stretching in motion)? Because static stretching before exercising will lower your performance. 2. Running technique and exercises are next. It helps you to improve your running economy and reduces the chance of getting injuries. 3. After the warming up and the technique, we are ready for the interval training. This means that you interchange between high intensity and low intensity running. For example interval training of 800m fast followed by 400m walking helps increase running performance. 4. We end with strength training and cooling down. The strength training will focus on abdominals, hips, legs, and arms. It will assist in strengthening and performance. 5. At certain times running levels will be checked to aid in monitoring progress. Flow-Motion also encourages and challenges members to set goals or target specific events.

    Class Info

    Book your short term membership with Flow-Motion and meet up with the team to get your running training started.

    Class Schedule

    Schedules are only intermittently updated. Please check links for latest info.

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    Locker facilities are made available at the Kattenlaan Tennis Club via Flow-Motion. Belongings may be left there for the duration of the training after meeting at the meeting point.

    Need some directions?

    Gym address coordinates: 52.358352, 4.864974

    Meeting point for Flow-Motion group training at Vondelpark is at the playground near the kinderbadje of Vondelpark. Refer to GPS location coordinates.

    Important Rules:

    We know you're no newbie to using a gym, but we have some General Club Rules as a guideline for behaviour.

    The Flow-Motion team runs in the Dutch weather - rain, hail or shine. If there are severe thunderstorms predicted, running will, however, be cancelled.

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