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Gym Nomad


What is Gym Nomad
The Platform

By travellers and gym rats, for travellers and gym rats who want to keep up their training.

You can find a hotel and book a room in minutes, we're bringing that to you for gyms.

The Why

We were sick of paying EUR20+ for a day visit when we know we were paying little more than that for a month back home. WHY??

The Who (for)

First and foremost - visitors, travellers, nomads, business travellers. Not for locals.

Anyone looking to maintain their training whilst away from home.

Anyone looking for fair prices, finally.

Anyone looking to meet some locals who share the same interests.

Anyone looking to learn new skills, train somewhere new and see how other people do the sports you also love.

The Where

At the moment, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Madeira, Portugal.

Bare with us, we're working on more locations for you!


The memberships on offer differ between Fitness Providers. Typically, memberships are on offer from 1 day to 8 weeks.

You can find a hotel and book a room in minutes, we're bringing that to you for gyms.


These are calculated by the Fitness Provider. The longer your membership the lower the average 'per day' rate so make sure you book for your full stay instead of day passes as this will work out to be more expensive.

Visitor Status

To use Gym Nomad you must be able to prove that you are a visitor. Bring valid and current identification to the Fitness Provider when you arrive each time to prove you live in another location. For example, to train in the Netherlands you can bring an American driver's licence or a Swedish passport.

How To Start Training

As soon as your payment has been received you will be given a unique 4-digit code. This will be available on your confirmation screen and we will also email a copy through to you. In case the email is slow coming through or unexpectedly ends up in a spam folder, just write down or take a photo of the code on your confirmation screen.

In your profile on Gym Nomad you can also see all your current and past bookings along with relevant activation codes.

Next, take the code to the Fitness Provider where you just booked your membership along with your ID to prove you're a visitor and start training!


To cancel a membership, send an email to from the same email you have registered in your account. Tell us that you want to cancel and include your 4-digit booking code.

Typically, cancellation is free if you cancel at least 3 days before your membership starts. However, as we still need to pay the transaction costs for a cancelled booking, after your first cancellation, we reserve the right to deduct the transaction costs from your refund.

If you want to cancel your membership less than 3 days before it starts, we may (depending on the Fitness Provider), deduct an additional €10 from your refund.

Once your membership has started we cannot offer a refund.

How To Pay

All payments are processed online. After you have created an account on Gym Nomad and selected the membership you want to purchase, simply input your credit card details to make payment. We use Stripe to process our payments.

What is Stripe?

Stripe help power 100,000+ businesses in 100+ countries and across nearly every industry. Headquartered in San Francisco, Stripe has 9 global offices and hundreds of people working to help transform how modern businesses are built and run.

For more information visit

How safe is Stripe?

The credit card data entered into the Gym Nomad payment form is never sent to the Gym Nomad server. Instead, the data is sent directly to Stripe. This means that:

1. Gym Nomad doesn't handle or store any sensitive credit card data and are automatically PCI compliant.

2. Even if our servers would get breached, your credit card information would still be safe.

Do you store my credit card details?

No, never.

Full Details

For full details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Stuff We Want You To Know

We take your privacy seriously and we completely understand the annoyance of data invasion.

We don't pass on your user data to anyone, unless we are legally required to.

We are a Dutch company, governed by, and compliant with the laws of the Netherlands.

What We Collect Directly

1. Your email address for correspondence and confirmations.

2. Your name and country of residence so you can be matched to your booking.

3. Your date of birth to confirm your age for use of services, and to match you to your identification and booking.

4. Details of your bookings and respective history

5. Details search history to give us better ideas of where visitors are staying and where we should add extra fitness provider partners to better serve you.

What We Collect Indirectly

1. We use Google Analytics to monitor our platform with anonymous data from users. We use this data to target marketing to relevant demographics. To opt out of Google Analytics for our platform, and other sites you may visit, you will need a browser Add-on. Please refer to Google's browser Add-on at Google Analytics Opt Out.

2. We don't use the Facebook pixel. We don't trust them with anything.

3. Stripe payment summaries for bookings users have made.

4. We collect user location data for where you are searching and booking memberships. This is so we can better understand who are users are and how we can best reach them. This information is all anonymised and stored in the EU and the USA.